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Foundation Repair Costs can be intimidating. While many foundation problems are similar, each one demands a customized solution to provide the best value and performance. At Pier King Foundation Repair in Afton, OK, we take pride in making the costs for these repairs as clear and easy to understand as we possibly can.


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Is your home or business suffering from foundation problems? Free you mind from the financial stresses of getting your foundation problems repaired. Pier King Foundation Repair in Afton, OK has a solution for you! We offer *Guaranteed Financing to assist you immediately so you won't have to worry about the value of your home or business plummeting any longer.


To help you decide if our solution is right for you, we provide *FREE Foundation Repair Estimates. Each estimate includes an on-site inspection, professional assessment of your foundation issue, and a detailed cost quote that we build with you for your home. To schedule your *FREE ESTIMATE, Contact us by phone or E-mail today!


Why Should I Fix My Foundation?


  • The Problem Will Get Worse: A foundation problem never gets better on its own. As it gets worse, the problem will cost more to fix.
  • Resale Value: Who wants to buy a house with a foundation problem? Nobody!
  • Appearance: Foundation problems often cause ugly cracks -- not only in the foundation itself but also inside the home.
  • Door and Window Operation: As your foundation fails to hold the structure in place, your house will bend and twist. This will cause doors and windows to stick and jam.
  • Use of Space: Sometimes you can lose the use of your space because of foundation failure. That's not what you paid for when you bought your home!
  • A Safer Home: It's unusual, but disasters like foundations collapsing, chunks of brick veneer falling off the house, and other serious safety hazards do emerge.
  • Keep Pests Away: Insects and animals can get into your home through cracks in the foundation, becoming unwanted and uninvited guests.







*Guaranteed Financing available with sufficient down payment or approved credit.


*Estimates are completely free to all home owners. There is a $75.00 fee for all non-home owners who require immediate service. If you do not require immediate service, and are flexible with time, this fee may be waived.

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